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Hi There,

Welcome to NationalPhotographics, I am Michael Tran. I am devoted to one thing; the perfect shot. Working with some of the latest digital photography equipment and software I aim to show you what your eyes cannot see.

Having started in the scenic arena I have taken shots out of this world, feel free to take a peek into my world. Please feel free to contact me!

Your feedback is very important to us and we will do everything to fulfil your wishes. more...


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To date, I have worked for numerous agencies, graphics design companies and web designers. As a passionate photographer, I am always up for new challenges that can take my skills up to the next level. Some of my more recent works include a photographic scenery hunt in the great Northern Territory and Brisbane Unvieled.

As an aid to photography, modelling and digital art I am proud to annouce I am starting a community forum. Stay tunned to hear more!


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